Secure, Reliable, and Decentralized Cardano Stakepool with the Lowest Fee

Our Stakepool is managed, maintained, and monitored by capable and knowlegeable professionals


To prevent any security issue and service disruption our team has impemented all the possible security precuations to make sure that our stake pool is safe and secure. Our stakepool is private and being managed by professionals with vast knowledge on this field.


We have several nodes deployed to different location to ensure the stability and a 99.9% availability to produce blocks which will maximize the ROI for both our team and the delegators

Lowest Fee

With our lowest fee, our goal is for our delegators to enjoy the maximum rewards that they deserve. The fee will go to maintenance and in creating more nodes to ensure the stability of the cardano ecosystem

Thank you so much for helping us and the Cardano network to become the most secure and decentralized blockchain network! Enjoy Staking with Us!

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